Storm Damage Photo Gallery

A SERVPRO truck pulling a trailer on a busy street.

SERVPRO of Longview on Storm

SERVPRO of Longview's Storm team has been helping individuals affected by Hurricane Isaias throughout the North East Coast.

A SERVPRO truck pulling a trailer.

SERVPRO of Longview on it's way North!

SERVPRO of Longview's storm team was called into action this past week to help those on the ground in Pennsylvania who had been affected by the strong storms and flooding in the area.

Destruction and destroyed homes in the aftermath of a storm.

SERVPRO of Longview is wherever storms are

SERVPRO of Longview's pledge is to be where we are needed. That is why, especially now during Hurricane season, SERVPRO of Longview is always ready to help out our neighbors in the aftermath of a storm.

A SERVPRO employee surveying damage to a home.

Ongoing Storm Damage Repair in East Texas

SERVPRO of Longview has been helping those in need in East Texas after severe storms ravaged the area.

A destroyed house with trees and debris scattered across the home.

Onalaska, TX Tornado

SERVPRO of Longview has been on the ground with our sister SERVPRO Franchise in Onalaska, TX since the massive tornado ravaged the town. Our aim is to help where we can.

A tree pulled out of the ground with its roots exposed.

Tornadoes in East Texas

Severe weather caused damage throughout East Texas over the weekend. SERVPRO of Longview were on the scene of multiple damaged homes, helping where we can!

Hotel Flood in Longview

A 40 room flood at a local hotel during busy season. Well its always busy season for hotels when you are in Longview. Thankfully, SERVPRO of Longview was able to jump in and get the rooms back in order!

Roof Leaks and Spring Showers

The old saying goes springs showers bring may flowers... Well those spring showers bring roof leaks as well! There is much more to roof leaks than just a roof repair. Drywall and framing must be properly dried in order to prevent a bigger issue down the road. SERVPRO of Longview is here to help with all your dry out needs.

Flooded Home in South Longview

After water levels rose high enough, a family in South Longview found their home flooded. SERVPRO of Longview responded and began the process of removing the water and rebuilding the home.

East Texas Home Flooded from Rain

SERVPRO of Longview received a call from a homeowner whose home was inundated with water after heavy rain breached his home. SERVPRO of Longview is exceptionally prepared for all water damage related events.

Kilgore Storm Damage

Tree damage is no stranger in our neck of the woods. SERVPRO of Longview responded after heavy winds knocked over a tree into a family's home. We are here whenever you need us!

Spring Storms Bring Damage to Longview

This Spring saw strong storms push into East Texas and leave a path of devastation in their wake. SERVPRO of Longview responded to home that saw a massive tree crash into it.